The Benefits of Exfoliation

What is exfoliation?
Manual removal of dead cells on the surface of the skin

Benefits of Exfoliation:
Removes dead cells
Prevents breakouts and acne
Leaves your skin smoother, softer & glowing
Improves blood circulation  
Makes your products penetrate deeper.

How often do I exfoliate?
2x a week for normal to combinations skin
1x a week for sensitive skin 

What product is best for exfoliation?
Enzyme peels are better than scrubs because they use natural fruit acids to dissolve impurities.

How to use Enzyme Peel?
1.     Remove makeup & wash your face
2.     Apply thin layer of enzyme peel all over the face
3.     Leave on for 2-3 minutes
4.     Remove with warm water
5.     Apply toner and moisturizer

What is my favorite Enzyme Peel?
Enzymo-Spherides Peeling Cream with Pineapple & Papaya Enzymes by Pevonia Botanica
Contact me if you would like to purchase it

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